Nadine’s interdisciplinary feminist workshop opened up an important space for students and faculty members from various departments and programs to rethink and rearticulate the multiple research questions, methodologies, and frameworks animating their scholarly and activist work. Participants had high praise for Professor Naber’s approach to methodologies, her insights into their radical potential, and her insistence on articulating the ethical imperatives that both inform and shape them. She helped guide our understanding of the various research methods and strategies that critical race, anti-imperialist, and decolonial feminist research offer. Importantly, the workshop helped participants sharpen and clarify their research questions while taking seriously a deliberate feminist research politics of care in times of urgency. Professor Naber’s carefully designed workshops are integral to building revisionary research agendas, priorities, and investments within and across different communities.

~ Dana Olwan, Associate Professor, LGBTQ Studies, Middle Eastern Studies & Indigenous Studies, Syracuse University