When I picked up my manuscript to begin revising, I felt overwhelmed by the things that were not working and at a loss for how to change course. How lucky I was to seek out Nadine’s help! Nadine has an unparalleled ability to pull out the most important ideas from a chaotic and way-too-long first draft and show how they can be assembled into the scaffolding of a coherent book. She showed me how to take arguments that were embedded in my writing and elevate them into concepts that make clear interventions into my fields of study. She encouraged me to name and claim the distinct methodology I had employed so that I can fully communicate the significance of my work. She also listened and we thought out loud together in a collaborative process that made it possible for me to have fresh thinking about my work–and to get excited about revising! From reimagining the structure of my book, to helping me name and better use the ideas that were already there, to finding new connections between my ideas that I hadn’t seen before, Nadine’s feedback was nothing less than transformative. She could see what the manuscript could become and together we mapped out how to get there.

~ Manijeh Moradian, Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Barnard College