I got introduced to Dr. Nadine Naber through a colleague in the field and I worked with her on key manuscripts for my academic career and revised scholarly works and proposals. I am still working with Dr. Naber and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity for so many reasons. Dr. Naber has a very special way of helping others organize and claim their methodology and argument. She listens intently and understands one’s career goals and needs. She showed me how to present my work in a more distinctive and revealing way, how to name and claim my argument, methodology and theoretical approach. She organized and strengthened the content and structure of my book proposal, revised and meticulously edited major scholarly documents, and, most significantly, grounded my work more solidly in its proper location, both theoretically and pedagogically. She also helped me bring out my argument and its importance in the relevant academic field of study for my book publication. Dr. Naber fully understood my career goals and objectives and she helped me organize and channel my thoughts and vision in a very collaborative and professional manner. She is truly an academic life changer, and I am one of the lucky ones to have her as my academic consultant.

~ Omar Baz Radwan, Assistant Professor, Comparative Literature/English, Dublin City University and LAU