The academic industrial complex breaks us.

Many radical scholars face anxieties like overwhelm and imposter syndrome that obstruct our research and writing possibilities. Imagine healing from academic oppression and writing from a place of radical self and collective love? It's within your reach!

Through workshops and coaching, I help people liberate themselves and their research in order to transform systemic violence into writing prosperity, joy, and revolution. My workshops rely on my "3 Steps Towards Liberating Your Research:"

  1. Healing anxiety, imposter syndrome, and overwhelm by claiming our core beliefs and our radical self/collective love and power.
  2. Claiming and naming our own set of liberated theories and methods.
  3. Designing a liberated research project in alignment with who we are and what we stand for.
Participants leave Nadine's trainings with tools for fostering radical self and collective love in relation to their writing projects. They learn how to frame their theories, methodologies, and scholarly interventions in ways that balance the demands of academia with what they stand for and the liberated futures they envision.
Many have experienced outcomes like completing their dissertations, book proposals, books, and grant applications after years of writer's block; landing postdoctoral or tenure-track positions; and achieving tenure or promotion to Full Professor.

Liberate Your Research

This 3 hour workshop can accommodate any number of participants and relies on the beauty of collective care and support to uplift one another. The activities foster strategies for healing from academic oppression; naming and claiming one's core beliefs, politics, and ideas; and affirming a set of liberated theories and methodologies. Workshop participants are given brief homework assignments beforehand. In addition to the training I provide, we workshop these assignments together. These workshops serve academics at all levels and ranks. Here is what people have to say after participating in a Liberate Your Research Workshop.


Customized Workshops are organized for specific kinds of challenges. For example, I held a customized workshop for the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of California, Berkely targeted the particular kinds of academic challenges scholars of Middle East Studies face. My workshop for the National Women's Studies Association, addressing the struggles interdisciplinarity feminist studies scholars face also exemplifies my customized approach.


Workshop Series entail working with a group of writers over a period of time. I provide individual support and coaching to each workshop member as they work to achieve a particular writing goal during our time together. For example, my summer workshop at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor provided 8 scholars with support in crafting a summer writing plan; strategies for maintaining well being and accountability while working towards these goals; individual and collective feedback on their writing, theories, methodologies, interventions, and contributions; and support in crafting future writing goals.

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FAQ's about Nadine's trainings: