Working with Dr. Naber has transformed my relationship with writing. Her strength-based approach has empowered me in the very demanding path of academia. Editors often give brief feedback about changes needed, but without the proper skills to execute the changes, writing can feel like a devastating process. Dr. Naber, in the first hour alone of working together, helped me to grasp basic writing techniques with the goal of amplifying my voice with clarity, and to be proud of it! She starts our meetings by outlining my skills, which has supported me with recognizing that I am producing good work. She then slowly goes over areas that need improvement. Her method of simplifying writing flaws by breaking them down, and speaking in terms that I understand, is extremely effective. This approach aids me to not focus on the negative aspects of my writing as it’s sum. Through Dr. Naber’s support I now get excited about making changes to my work because I am finally able to articulate my thoughts through my writing. As an academic of color, who has felt overwhelmed by academia, it has been empowering to work with someone who is invested in my success. It truly feels like we are a team working towards one goal. I look forward to each meeting with Dr. Naber knowing that she will help me become a better writer.

~ Aisha Mershani, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, Gettysburg College