I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. Nadine inspired participants in this workshop to approach our research with joy and confidence. She gave us the tools to quell the oppressive criticism many of us have internalized that undermines our writing; she gave us a space to emotionally process, analyze, and refuse in good company the violence of an academy that is racist, heterosexist, capitalist, and colonial; and she provided us with concrete strategies and suggestions that enabled us to articulate and claim our theories and methodologies. In terms of my own work, I participated in this workshop while making final revisions to a book, and Nadine’s specific feedback along with the more general insights she provided allowed me to invigorate my central claims with greater boldness and clarity, and to heighten the stakes of my argument.

In addition, under Nadine’s badass, brilliant, expert and nurturing guidance, those of us participating (a mix of grad students, lecturers, assistant and full professors) strengthened our sense of community in ways that will persist beyond the workshop.

~ Cynthia Franklin, Professor, English, University of Hawai’i