I participated in your Liberate Your Research workshop with the Association of Feminist Anthropology. Since then, I’ve been on the job market for a tenure track position. I just signed the offer letter for my dream job and I truly feel like your workshop was invaluable to me in thinking through how to talk about my work during the job talk and interview process. I have an interdisciplinary background in public health, gender studies, and anthropology, and it can often be challenging to effectively communicate about my work to these different audiences. Your workshop gave me a helpful lens to cut through those differences and also helped me to feel connected to my own research at a time when I was really struggling to do so. Beyond that, it was incredibly validating to be around other people in the academy who were feeling similarly. I felt less alone after your workshop than I had in months.

~ Kathryn LaRoche, Assistant Professor, Public Health, Purdue University