Dr. Nadine Naber came to the University of Washington, Seattle in May 2015 through a competitive nomination and selection process where a social justice scholar is invited for a multi-day residential visit to engage with the UW campus and wider city communities.  Dr. Naber has a unique ability to engage with diverse audiences regardless of their familiarity with her research and teaching agenda. She is humble despite her brilliance. She offers her audiences vigorous ideas and questions to grapple with, while also presenting them with everyday tools for the audience to utilize in order to influence positive social change. Regardless of the size of her audience Dr. Naber is addressing (7, 120, or 200+), she has a unique ability to engage the audience on intellectual, emotional, collective, and personal levels. Her visit to the University of Washington was transformative for students, faculty, and community members alike. I had a number of peers and students come tell me she made them feel heard, that their ideas mattered, and that they were energized to learn more! Dr. Naber kept us talking about her visit for many weeks following her visit. During her visit, Dr. Naber visited undergraduate classrooms, met with women graduate students of color, and had a public lecture to audiences from inside and outside the UW campus community. Dr. Naber was generous with her time and ideas, and thoughtful and empowering with her insights and responses to students’ questions about navigating life’s difficult situations as women of color and minoritized individuals. Regardless who the audiences are and what questions and comments they may have, Dr. Naber responded to each seriously and thoughtfully.

~ Faculty Member